Eiji ARAMAKI, PhDProfessor, NAIST, Japan


Professor (Japanese page)

Social computing lab, Graduate school of science and technology, NAIST, Japan

mail: aramaki@is.naist.jp
X (Twitter): @ARAMAKI

Eiji ARAMAKI is a professor at NAIST, Japan, working on information science. He is working in medical informatics based on natural language processing (NLP) and social media-based applications. He is also leading the medical NLP shared task (MedNLP) of NTCIR. His hobby is drawing and music composing.

I’m recruiting Ph.D. students and PostDoc researchers. Please send me your CV with a publication list if you are interested. Note that we do not have “research student” positions.

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item total average
h-index 27 1++ per year
# of articles 100 6-8 per year
# of conferences 110 8 per year
Last 3 years total impact facter 35 7 per year
Last 3 years top conferences 1 0.3 per year

Academic Service


Medical Reseach based on NLP

Electronic health/medical records (referred to as EHR) are rapidly replacing paper-based records in hospitals worldwide. Natural language processing (NLP) techniques have gained importance in the medical field. Because NLP is a hot topic in computer science, the number of medical NLP studies is increasing each year dramatically. We extract information from EHRs to find a new medical finding.

See our review paper (IMIA YEADBOOK2022)

Social Media meets NLP

Health-related social media data are increasingly being used in disease surveillance studies. In particular, surveillance of infectious diseases such as influenza, and mental issue has demonstrated high correlations between the number of social media posts mentioning the disease and the number of patients. From social media, we aim to extract not only the patient number but also the patient's intentions, hidden needs, and attitudes to health care systems.

On-going Core Research

Not only the above solid research, but we are also always finding new frontiers such as:


Sometimes, I am a painter. My works are mostly oil paint-based human portraits.


I am also a music composer. My works are beatless acoustic sounds with a sampling of abandoned old pianos.